Commercial & Residential Awnings

Keep your deck and home cooler in the summer, and protect it from rain.

Commercial Awnings

There are a number of reasons to install a Patino awning for your business:

Protection and comfort from the sun and weather

When you consider the fast paced environment most storefront business owners are in, an awning will help your business to stand out. At Patino Canvas we will work with your to create a design that will attract customers and provide the protection and improved comfort from your new awning.

Provides a cheaper alternative for expanding sales space, protecting outdoor storage

An awning in the front of your store or business will provide a functional sense of grandeur and will give your business 24-hours of distinct visibility, as well as protecting your interior furnishings from UV rays and shade all exteriors. With the expanded space, your customers will have a comfortable setting to dine, shop or socialize at your place of business.

Displays an attractive, comfortable setting for customers

The aesthetic value of a commercial awning is nothing compared to the consistent curbside advertising you will have to appeal to passersby. An awning for your business will become an integral part of your everyday brand and ultimately assist your bottom line.

Commercial & Residential Awnings

Residential Awnings

There are a number of reasons to install a Patino awning for your home:

Providing Protection from heat and UV rays

There are so many things a homeowner can do to improve their home, such as lawn care, maintaining the roof, or cleaning the gutters. But adding an attractive and well-designed awning is the simplest and way to make an effective upgrade.

Beautify and expand your living space

Besides improving the appearance, a large awning can add to your home's usable outdoor space, and that can add value. At Patino our awnings come in a wide variety of designs, made from sun-resistant fabrics to provide top of the line UV protection. And with our retractable awning systems you will be covered from all types of weather and still be able to enjoy a clear night of stargazing


Commercial & Residential Awnings

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